The Next Gen Experience

  • Producer(s): Rooftop Immersive Studios, PWC, The Ark

A social and interactive VR experience & fun game in a 360 Dome that looks like planet Earth, from the inside and the outside! Focused on children from 11 – 16 years old. Interactive, gamified and educational location based experience, highlighting both emerging technologies and individual actions that can be used to achieve sustainability on our planet. Divided into 5 rounds, in each round kids will learn about and act upon sustainability. One round will be more passive, the other more interactive. One will be more educational, one more fun. For example, running around the dome with physical bins, to catch the digital trash falling from above. But the kids will have an even more immersive role to play in this experience, with a cool surprise in the end, because after all, they are our future.

The Next Gen Experience trailer